The Renaissance of Earth
Meezaan Dickinson
2019 Mudfest award

The Renaissance of Earth is motivated by the feeling that humanity is resting on a precipice, with climate change, overpopulation, conflict and economic crises threatening to push us over the edge. This exhibition explores various themes including the world’s broken economic and political systems, and the struggle between maintaining the status-quo and finding new and sustainable methods for existing in our environment. These ideas are handled in a manner which intends to be nuanced yet also convey a sense of unease. Underpinning everything is the deep connection and expansion of the natural world which we as human beings seem to have lost touch with.

The painting process has become an outlet for the complicated emotions that are elicited by reflections about the state of the world and the artist’s own privileged position within ‘the system’. Thus, each piece possesses a unique essence; from darkly satirical and desolate to hopeful and teeming with life.

Meezaan Dickinson is a Melbourne-based artist whose work consists primarily of large scale, acrylic paintings. These almost always feature a black background in order to offer high contrast with the vibrant colours employed for the paintings’ subject matter. Her style takes inspiration from both hyperrealism and surrealism with detail oriented focus. A common theme loosely connects these pieces—humanity’s relationships with nature and the state of the environment. This is represented by elements of flora and fauna which are included throughout to form a motif.

IMAGE: Meezaan Dickinson, Hand in Heart. Acrylic on paper, 2014