Untitled (Gallery)
Astrid Mulder


Untitled (Gallery) is a site-specific project that uses the space of George Paton Gallery as a performative apparatus. By exercising various poses and movements with my body, I explore the environment’s balance, strength and flexibility. My personal history as an artistic gymnast informs my approach as I develop and perform routines to reveal the vitality of this space.

In Artistic Gymnastics, gymnasts strive to perform routines perfectly, and any errors are disguised as much as possible. So there’s no doubt why the gymnast inside me enjoys the incredible level of control and ability for manipulation that the camera provides. In the documentation of my actions, I often rotate the frame to construct surreal bearings. I employ visual tricks to question the viewer’s perception and amplify the theatricality of my performance. However, contrary to the seriousness of Artistic Gymnastics, my process is very playful, and moments of absurdity often surface as I try to understand the rhythms of this environment.

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VIDEO CLICK TO START Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled (Gallery)’. Digital video, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 1’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 2’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 3’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 4’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 5’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 6’. Digital image, 2021


Astrid Mulder, ‘Untitled 7’. Digital image, 2021