Titus Andronicus Costume Design: Eden McLean

Working on the costumes for MUSC’s Semester 2 production of Titus Andronicus was such an
incredible experience for me.

Not only was this my first time ever officially having the role of “costume designer”, but this was also the first production in which I was given full autonomy to essentially do whatever I wanted.

Titus Andronicus – Chest Plate


Titus Andronicus – Front View


Titus Andronicus – Shoulder View


Titus Andronicus – Blood Hand


Lucius – Chest Plate


Lucius – Front View


Lucius – Arm Guard


Tamora – Bodice & Pauldron


Tamora – Front Left View 1


Tamora – Front Left View 2


Tamora – Front Left View 3


Quintus – Shirt & Pauldron


Quintus – Front View


Quintus – Side View


Captain – Plackart


Martius – Shirt & Pauldron


Mutius – Side View


Mutius – Back View


Aaron – Plackart


Aaron – Front View 1


Aaron – Front View 2


Lavinia – Bodice & Gloves


Lavinia – Front View


Lavinia – Blood Hands


Demetrius – Pauldron


Demetrius – Front View


Demetrius – Side View


Bassianus – Front Right View


Bassianus – Front Left View


Bassianus – Back View


Saturninus – Front Right View


Saturninus – Front Left View


Saturninus – Back View


Chiron – Right Side View


Chiron – Left Side View

Design process

Design process

Eden McLean