INSTAGRAM RESIDENCY | Astrid Mulder, Waiting Room

14-20 September

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Astrid Mulder, ‘Still from Surface’, 2020

Waiting Room is an Instagram residency at George Paton Gallery with Astrid Mulder.

For the duration of a week, performances will be shared daily. Waiting Room is an exploration of the devices and platforms that enable us to exist, connect and consume online. As we increasingly spend time within virtual spaces, Mulder considers how this influences our physicality, psychology and senses.

Astrid Mulder works across performance, installation, photography and video. Through a reimaging of how we interact and perceive the objects and environments that surround us, she challenges conventional notions of how we observe the everyday. Her work speaks to concepts of stability and time through processes of assemblage, operation and interaction, often using her own body as a tool for narration.