EXHIBITION | 10-16 September

Gaze, Interrupted
Die Angle, Christina May Carey, Bec Gynes, Hiball, Josephine Mead, Stella Palmer and Joan Shin

Curated by Sorcha Delahunty, Thalia Livingstone, and Phebe Shields of Irregular Scheduled Programming (ISP)

Link to website: https://www.irregularscheduledprogramming.com

Gaze, interrupted is a multi-arts, curated virtual exhibition that will showcase a selection of experimental artworks that explore the malleable and ephemeral nature of perception, and play with the phenomenological experiences of time and duration. The selected artists explore how notions of perspective and duration can be depicted, manipulated, harnessed, and replicated through the creative technologies of their practice. In doing so, they delve into complex issues and ideas, including the power of psychological imagery, the (in)distinguishability of perception vs reality, and the iterative nature of experience.

This project is the first to be produced by the new curatorial group, Irregular Scheduled Programming (ISP). ISP is made up of three emerging curators – Sorcha Delahunty, Thalia Livingstone, and Phebe Shields. To keep up to date with ISP, or to get in touch, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

The exhibition will be launched on Thursday 10 September 2020. Over the following week, a single artwork will be featured on the exhibition platform each day. From 16 September, all of the artworks will be available via the exhibition platform until the end of the year.

Thursday 10 September: Christina May Carey
Friday 11 September: Josephine Mead
Saturday 12 September: Hiball / DIE ANGLE
Sunday 13 September: Stella Palmer
Monday 14 September: Bec Gynes
Tuesday 15 September: Joan Shin


DIE ANGLE work with artists across disciplines to create experimental live performance and film. Their art drips with dark undertones, engaging the fragmentary nature of perception and its complicity in dialogues between disintegrating sonic, visual and kinetic spaces. DIE ANGLE’s collective background includes choreography, film composition, installation, architecture and design. Together they navigate lightless spaces, engaging multiple communities with their cross-discipline work. DIE ANGLE create riveting, disruptive collaborative outcomes.

Christina May Carey lives and works in Melbourne and is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. She has participated in various group shows at the VCA Art Space, and George Paton Gallery. In 2019 she was commissioned by The University of Melbourne to contribute work as part of the 757 Art Project. In 2020 she was selected to partake in the Majlis Travelling Scholarship show at Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

Bec Gynes is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Naarm / Melbourne, currently finishing her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Art. Her practice primarily revolves around the publication of the private and how exposing things that are usually hidden from view can remain enigmatic despite publicity.

Hiball is a creative studio between Stanton Cornish-Ward and Alexandra Kirwood, specializing in experimental video, short film and fashion film. The duo formed Hiball as a way to explore larger concepts and ideas through generative video projects. Hiball utilizes their design and film backgrounds to create highly detailed, hypothetical worlds.

Josephine Mead: The series Working through Surrealist Score is a meditation on the artist’s sense of self, as a woman. Working through notions of surrealist visual lineage, self-portraiture and still-life photography, she is considering the possibilities of being alone, of defining the self through the image, and of the temporal possibilities and problems imbued in a photograph.

Working through Surrealist Score, I met with the mouth of the river,
bridged by previously misguided attempts at navigation.
They say mirror-dreams are portals to past anxieties.
Sounds from sonorous self-portraits pushed me forward.
Change the architecture of my body through brazen terminology.
I remain devotional to making; my muscles – worn and aching.
The body is a text and the face is to be read.
To be written like thick molasses, to be cast in timeless lead.

Stella Palmer is a 2D animator who lives and works on Tharawal land (South Sydney). Graduating last year from UNSW Art & Design with a BA in Fine Arts majoring in Animation and Interactive Media, Stella’s practice has been focused on exploring the intersection of mixed reality technologies and art. In the last year, Stella has exhibited four Augmented Reality (AR) works using various tools including Unity, Artivive and Jerome Etienne’s ar.js framework.

Joan Shin is a Korean/Australian interdisciplinary artist whose practice involves memory in space and her curiosity for illogical representations of meaning. Her diverse works range from mixed media installations to real-time generative systems, embedded with subliminal social and material cues to illustrate her spatial narratives.  Recently, Shin has exhibited work at the AD Space and Down Under Space in Sydney and at Tributary Projects and the National Convention Centre in Canberra. Outside the gallery environment, Shin continues to experiment with other mediums that push the boundaries of public and private spaces, playing with absurd digital visualisation apparatuses or contributing space-altering light installations to Sydney’s music scene.

This exhibition is proudly supported by the UoM Theatre Board, the Creative Arts Department, and the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).