EXHIBITION | images for Cognition 2020

(Edition of 30)


NWEB have made an ‘artists book’. We wanted to collaboratively author an unbound publication with images from five of our friends. The book is to be distributed unbound, without any direction as to how to order the pages – an index prone to disorder.

The simple materiality of the book is important, loose images can be displayed and organised according to the particular viewers interests and impulses, facilitating freedom and agency in engagement.

NWEB is a collaborative project run by Clara Joyce and Hugo Blomley. The project is a heterotopia with an adaptive methodology interested in the potential of collaboration and organisation.

NWEBs archive can be found at http://nweb.club./

For an edition of images for Cognition 2020 please email mail to: nwebclub@gmail.com with your name and address. There is no charge.

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