EXHIBITION | Surface Tension

Skye Malu Baker, Nina Rose Prendergast and Ellen Sayers

Project website: gpgsurfacetension.com


A surface can be many things. It can be an exoskeleton, a carapace, a vitrine, reflecting, refracting and encasing. It can be porous, generously granting passage between different atmospheres and acting as a way marker. A surface can also be an interface or manuscript, a meeting place between the recorder and the reader. Here, a history of material encounters can be witnessed, both parties physically moulding and influencing one another. In Surface Tension, Nina Rose Prendergast, Ellen Sayers and Skye Malu Baker explore the significance of the surface across a range of practices, including sculpture, drawing and printmaking. Encompassing distinct formal approaches to surface, Surface Tension considers the deeper significance that surfaces hold for these three artists.


This project was supported by a Creative Arts Grant from the Creative Arts department UMSU