I Do Love
Fiona Shewan

I do love 
is a short video work that is part of a larger project concerning the relationship between language and colour in Vladimir Nabokov’s creative output. The work captures the movement of butterflies through the combined use of analogue and digital. The digital footage shows butterflies in captivity. This material is layered with expired super 8 film that has been processed using the phytotype method. Exposed to sunlight, the veins of different leaves were imprinted on the film’s emulsion. The film was then hand painted using different inks. The movement of the leaves, abstracted by the surface of the film, form shapes like the scales on a butterfly’s wing. It is the scales of butterflies that produce colour. The work juxtaposes real and abstracted images. The analogue reel jitters, fluttering about like butterflies in motion but it also connotes the unstable realm of thought and emotion.


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