liminal love spaces

Artist: Aeva Milos

Medium: Photographs and a short 3 minute video of the models

Description: liminal love spaces seeks’ to celebrate the beauty of individuality, and through abstract portraiture, explore how home has constantly shifting definitions, finding meaning only through our own individual interpretations and experiences. Volunteers were prompted to use their body as the canvas to create a fascinating and intimate visual display of who they are and what their home looks like. As poet Rainer Maria Rilke once said: “your house is the last before the infinite, whoever you are”. We hope you linger within the space, within the home, and perhaps find something of yourself within these (virtual) four walls.

Video description: Black and white montage film of snippets of 14 models. A quote by Rainer Maria Rilke is shown at the beginning saying ‘your house is the last before the infinite, whoever you are’. The video shows close up snippets of each of the models, their faces, necks, chests.


photographic portrait of Jo Guelas. A model with long hair and tanned skin stands slouched with their head slightly bowed but looking up at the camera. Their hair is wet and curled.

photographic portrait of Coco Greenberg. A model with light brown/golden hair with light skin is shown with their head tilted back and eyes closed. They have a nose ring and blushed cheeks. Their hand rests on their right cheek and two flowers, one white and one blue, are also entangled in their fingers. The left side of Coco’s neck is dripping with blood. The blood is dripping down and staining more blue and white flowers which have been stuck to Coco’s neck and chest.


 photographic portrait of Chelsea Rozario. A young person with black hair cut into a mullet and tanned skin is looking directly at the camera. They are standing with one hand on their right hip and one hand on the neck of a red electric guitar. Chelsea’s nails match the colour of the guitar, the green glitter underneath Chelsea’s eyes match the green typography on their shirt which says MISFITS.

photographic portrait of James Robertson. James is shown in a front on position, staring directly at the camera. Their eyes are green and their face is covered in hand drawn words written in a black marker. The words include “manuscripts”, “42”, “Rhinoceros”, “fish”, “quickly”, “the outsider”, “I’m not living with you we occupy the same case”. James has wavy honey coloured, shoulder-length hair.

photographic portrait of Joel Keith. Joel stares intensely at the camera, wide eyed. They have bright green eyeshadow below their eyes and orange eyeshadow covering their eyelid and stretching across to the top of their ear. Their hair and jumper are both a vibrant red. The tops of a light brown collar peak out of the jumper. Joel stands with their arms crossed.

photographic portrait of Luke Fethers. Luke stands looking to the left of the camera in a ¾ stance.. Their hair is short and brown, they wear a neatly groomed beard and smokey dark grey eyeliner. A cigarette sits casually in Luke’s mouth. They’re wearing a crown of golden leaves, and holding a sword and playing card, the King of Hearts, in their left hand. They are shirtless except for a short silver necklace with a cross on it. On their left peck ‘10:18’ is seen in black.

photographic portrait of CJ Starc. CJ is positioned dynamically, gently pulling the top of their head towards the left with their left hand, with the right hand covering their breast which peaks out of a navy blazer. A row of diamantes line the left side of their jaw line. A black line (perhaps a string) is shown down the centre of their face and leading from their mouth to the right cheek. A bold silver earring is worn in the left ear.

photographic portrait of Carly Tyzzer. Carly stares directly at the camera in a front on pose. They have straight blonde hair with light skin and green eyes. Half of their face is covered in colourful paint, painted abstractly. Their hands delicately hold the opposite cheek (the right hand holds the left cheek and the left hand holds the right). They are wearing a black long sleeve shirt.


photographic portrait of Amanee Abdul Gadir. Amanee stares directly at the camera in a front on pose. Their hands are held up to their ears confidently. Their skin is dark and hair is tied up in a head wrap. Bright glittery blue eyeshadow covers their eyelids and lips, and also lines their cheekbones. They are wearing a black turtleneck. Their head wrap is coloured light brown and a crown of seashells sits upon it.

photographic portrait of Erin Johnston. Erin is in a ¾ pose with a calm, slightly smirked smile. Their right hand is raised and rests a single finger gently on their chin. They are wearing a white collared shirt and a short necklace with a small bottle on it containing something green. Their eyeshadow is purple, eyebrows are green, lips black and hair brown. A green patch with dark green jewels sits on the top right corner of their forehead.

photographic portrait of Casey Boswell. Casey has light skin and honey coloured hair. A vine of devil’s ivy hangs around their neck over the top of a black denim jacket. Their body is positioned front on but they are looking off to the right. They are holding a globe in their right hand.

photographic portrait of Izma Haider. Izma is positioned in a ¾ pose with their gaze off to the left. Their skin is tanned and their hair is dark and slicked back behind their bare shoulders. Their head is covered in dozens of silver hair clips. A paperclip earring is seen in their right ear.

photographic portrait of Phoebe Rizzoli. Phoebe stands in a ¾ pose with their head and gaze to the left. Their hair is light skinned and hair is brown and tied up except for short bangs that frame their dark brown eyes. Light glitter has been painted on their cheek bones, under their eyes and on their forehead. They are wearing pink fairy wings, two bright blue glittery clips, three short necklaces (one with letter beads that say ‘mischief’, another with pearls and another with a round circle held by a chain).

photographic portrait of Rachel Stone (Stoz). Stoz is positioned with their gaze just to the right of the camera. Looking forward, posed as if lost in thought. Their blonde hair is cut in a mullet with a straight fringe lining their eyebrows. Blue eyeshadow lines their eyes and green eye shadow lines their cheekbones. Darken soot covers the bare shoulders and chest of the model and seems to creep up the face.

Mudfest Artist Interview with Curator

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nations as the Traditional Owners of the land upon which we live, work, and learn. We pay our respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded. This always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.