Map of Home

Artist: Weiting Chen

Medium: Main illustration work (digital) & photographs & time lapse video of the process

Description: The year of 2020 is a special year for many people. The year of the start of the COVID-19 impacted the way I attending classes, having food and socializing. I spent the most of the time in my home last year. Staying home was not only good for public health and safety during that difficult time, but also giving me a new way to look at the small scale environment around me. I enjoyed the life at home a lot and I cherished all the memories. For Mudfest 2021, I want to share my happiness to other people, especially to those who must stay at home due to many reasons. Even the place I lived in was very small, when I see it as a town or a city and treat every step as a small trip, daily routines will become more interesting. I want to share the way I look at my home and hope more people can see the hidden interesting things in daily life. The main drawing is the map of my home. Rather than a scaled drawing, it is more like a diagrammatic summary of the trace my roommates and I left at home. Masks and sanitisers that we stored in the living room, games and toys that we played together, the shower room that I used for vocal exercises… Is there any place in the map that you want to visit?

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A digitally illustrated map of the interior of a home. There is a pathway that swirls around the map taking you to the different ‘rooms’. There is a disco happening in the shower, story time with toys sitting around a book, a comfy bed and beautiful living room. The illustration is bright, dreamy and reminiscent of childhood storybooks. The overall palette is soft with a purple base and pastel highlights. An axonometric illustrative drawing of a bedroom with a person with long hair sitting at a desk drawing. The room is floating on a purple background. The colour scheme is soft blues, purples and pinks. The dark blue floor of the bedroom has stars dancing and bouncing on top of it. An axonometric illustrative drawing of a room with a large bed in the shape of Totoro (the Anime character). A person with long hair and a dress is sitting on the bed looking out the window. The colour palette is a lot more pink in this drawing, with a dark blue floor also with stars dancing and bouncing on top of it. Wavy light lines run across the pink background of the composition. An axonometric illustrative drawing of an at home cinema with a movie being projected and 5 people watching. Four of them are sitting either on the ground or on the couch facing away from the viewer, and one girl faces the viewer as she rests against the wall looking at a laptop screen. The colour palette is darker but still soft with a heavier focus on blues and purples. A digital illustration of the artwork information (artist name, title and a bio saying: ‘Welcome to my home! Take this map with you and start your journey! Feel free to explore the space, meet new creatures and get lost :)’ A digital illustration of a map guide indicating different symbols and their meanings. It asks if you can guess which axonometric drawing is which. The options are: ‘My room in my hometown’ ‘My room in university’ and ‘My friend’s home’


Mudfest Artist Interview with Curator

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