Up in the Gallery
NWEB re-presents Franz Kafkas ‘Up in the Gallery’
In collaboration with Clare Longley and Elsie Preston


I saw a white palomino write X’s instead of horseshoes (U)’

NWEB approached Clare and Elsie with a proposal to come together for an exhibition at the George Paton gallery. We were interested in the similarities in the practices – both artists are playing with precognitive images or structures that are innate/within opposed to learned/conceived. The artists share a tender nuance that could be defined as poetic. Poiesis – making. 
Both practices offer a self-reflexive system that bears the marks of its construction. In doing so the viewer becomes a part of the construction. 

The project became an editorial task. We asked Claire and Elsie to rewrite or write from Franz Kafka’s ‘Up in the Gallery’. Consistent with Kafka’s work the story plays with the relationship of being and appearance. The story is indeterminate and could take the form of a dream, it’s slippery and subjective. The responses to the text play on the idiosyncrasies of Kafka’s story and take both poetic and narrative forms. 

To receive a copy please email nwebclub@gmail.com with your postal address and name.