ONLINE EXHIBITION |  HOME: Here/There/Somewhere

Artists: Maxine Chen, iokzi, Axel Zeus Famtan, and Theresa Lee
Curated by Anya Wong

HOME: Here/There/Somewhere was a project concept that came to my mind when I was on my 14 days of quarantine in my own apartment in Melbourne this February. 2020 is a chaotic year for everyone, as the pandemic has challenged and affected us all tremendously. All of a sudden, staying home has become the universal norm. Under these current circumstances, the moods that ‘home’ gives us are not merely joy and relaxation, but are also intertwined with a sense of fear, loneliness and confinement. In collaboration with four artists and designers from different backgrounds, this project brings together artworks that explore concepts and feelings around ‘home’, as a way of self-meditation and reflection on the psychological and physical impacts on young people’s lives. In the end, this exhibition is about hope and love, and an appreciation of life no matter what difficulties we are currently facing today.

Anya Wong