A Network of Gestures | Corinna Berndt, Emma Berry & Liv Moriarty, Xanthe Dobbie and Olivia Koh
Curated by Mary-Louise Carbone

May 11 – August 2, 2020

This exhibition has now concluded.

In the seemingly infinite network of electronic exchanges and embedded memory drives, our human desire for sentiment and connection pervades. A Network of Gestures brings together artworks by local artists to explore the poeticization of the digital encounter, and the ways in which virtual interactions can become imbued with subjectivity and story. Through a series of digital reveries, the presented works contemplate what it means to navigate our reality through a virtual landscape and how our actions, memories and individuality are becoming increasingly shaped by the the technology that surrounds us. As we attempt to make sense of the rapidly changing world through our digital devices and software applications, A Network of Gestures seeks to remind us of the personal histories that exist within the vast matrix of computerised algorithms.


Corinna Berndt, Heartbeat, 2018. HD video displayed on a mobile phone, 2:40, multimedia installation, photograph by Andrew Curtis