Pinch Pot Workshop registrations 

2 sessions available: 11am-1pm OR  2-4pm, Tuesday 8 May.

Where: Arts Lab, Level Three, Union House.

Cost: Free for students!

Practicing artist Heather Hesterman will lead two pinch pot workshops for students. During the workshop, students will learn how to make pinch pots, and adorn them with textures and motifs. The pots will be bisque fired unglazed, so are suitable for potting up succulents or for decorative purposes. No experience necessary!


Zillions of Games Workshop run by Shang Lun Lee

When: 1-4pm, Monday 16 – Friday 20 July
Attendance at all sessions is essential

Where: George Paton Gallery, Level 2, Union House

Cost: Free for students!

Make and play games! Each afternoon a different type of game will be explored, from board games to card games to video games. Whatever the area of interest, games exist for everyone, there are games about architecture, games about gardening, games about music!

Students do not need to have gaming or coding knowledge, all that they need is the desire to experiment and play!

Weekly schedule including times

Day One: Monday 16 July, 1-4pm

‘Fun and Games’

  • Introduction to the history of games from 2500BC to today (video games)
  • What do they have in common? Rules.
  • Students explore this by making board games

Day Two: Tuesday 17 July, 1-4pm

‘Space and Time’

  • Exploring body and placement of the body, making body and movement based games
  • Looking at rule based and performance based games

Day Three: Wednesday 18 July, 1-4pm

‘Death and Taxes’

  • Looking at the poetics of games – the politics of why we make games to sort out differences
  • Make games about negotiation, games that mirror politics

Day Four: Thursday 19 July, 1-4pm

‘Ghosts and Mediums’

  • Learn to make videogames using two free basic programs (possible within 3 hours!)

Day Five: Friday 20 July, 1-4pm

‘Love and Information’

  • Caps off idea that future of games and videogames belongs to all.
  • Asks students to think about how their own passion provides content that could be used to make a game?
  • Multidisciplinary tool Twine will be introduced (digital storytelling tool that is a type of ‘Choose your own adventure’)


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Robot Art Workshops – Booked Out

When: 10am-12:30pm Friday 13, 20 and 27 April

Where: Robotics Lab,Room G23, Ground Floor, Melbourne School of Design.

Cost: Free for students!

Presented by Melbourne School of Design in collaboration with Arts Programs.

Students will be inducted into the MSD Robotics Lab facilities and learn how to use an industrial robot arm to produce a series of patterned 2D line drawings on paper. A series of structured programming exercises will guide students through the process of generating a drawing code in the RAPID programming language. This code will then be tested on paper by a 6-axis industrial robot arm holding a pen. Students will then be taught how to manipulate their drawing code (i.e. morph, translate, transform, scale, orient, mirror, repeat, array) to generate additional drawing patterns.

Students participating in the workshop can expect to produce 2-3 robotic drawings, and gain a basic understanding of programming concepts for industrial robots.

Please note: this workshop series is for University of Melbourne students only. It takes place every Friday over three weeks and you need to attend all three classes. You will be meeting at the Robotics Lab, Melbourne School of Design each week at 10am, finishing at 12:30pm.

The completion of an online and in-person induction is necessary prior to commencing this workshop. Registered students will need to read this page and complete the following before coming to class: 

–          Online Level 1 induction (#2 on the Access page list);

–          In-person Level 2 induction (#3 on the Access page list), held weekly and bookable online.


Past Workshops