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Wednesdays 12-2pm

Please note: New Botanic Drawing is now at capacity!  To be put on the waiting list email:

1 March: ‘Drawing Round’
Location: Burnley Campus
Two collaborative, fun, drawing activities for a group of up to 30 (!)

8 March: ‘Focus Narrows, Opens’
As a way to enhance confidence and expand attention, students make a series of drawings with increased focus on a particular aspect of the subject.

15 March: ‘Gymnosperm Walk’
A walk around campus stopping to draw the numerous examples of gymnosperms on campus. The class introduces approaches to drawing outdoors, with speed, gesture and spontaneity

22 March: ‘System Garden’
Working outdoors again but spending longer in front of subjects. Students make drawings of individual plants and also learn how to draw landscapes/scenery through an understanding of linear and aerial perspective.

29 March: ‘Colour Clarified’
A systematic ‘de-construction’ of colour theory to enable students to confidently select and mix any colour they need.

 5 April: ‘Drawing Apparatus’
An introduction to a range of tools to enhance and extend vision and drawing, such as microscopes, magnifying glasses, camera lucida, glass lattices and frames.

12 April: ‘Other’s Inspiration’
Understand how and what to copy from other artists in order to learn, pay tribute, quote, reference etc.  Thinking about inspiration itself and its importance for artists.

 26 April: ‘Is Plant, As Plant’
If observational drawing of plants is a variety of mimetic art how can a drawing address (i.e. copy) what a plant is or does as much as what it looks like?

 3 May: ‘Exhibition’
Work together to select and create drawings for an exhibition in the George Paton Gallery Project Spaces, on display until the end of semester.

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Parkville Campus, University of Melbourne
Opening celebration from 3:30pm, Friday 28 April

Five selected students from the School of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts will present site-specific artworks throughout the University of Melbourne Parkville campus throughout the month of May.

They will be mentored by Melbourne based artist Kay Abude over a period of six weeks, investigating, experimenting, and producing a public artwork that tests ideas in response to the grounds, gardens and architecture of the Parkville campus.

Students participating in TESTING SITES include Joshua Edward, Olivia Guardiani, Jessie McClure, Sean McDowell and Yuval Rosinger.,

Kay is a practicing artist and alumnus from the School of Sculpture and Spatial Practice Department at the VCA.  Testing Sites is a collaboration between Arts Programs (UMSU) at the University of Melbourne Student Union and the Victorian College of the Arts.

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Calling for students from all faculties to participate in a five-day intensive studio run by choreographer Shelley Lasica

If choreography can open up the possibility for thinking about space and bodies as they occur through time and space, it can apply to many disciplines including dance, visual arts, social theory, sound and design.  Choreography can be viewed as a practice that not only intersects with many other fields but one that is intrinsically present in ways of analysing and structuring information.

The choreography studio at the George Paton Gallery will explore choreography in the expanded field.  Students will look at choreography as a way of thinking, participating in practical activities and research projects, working both together and individually.

The studio will be held from July 24 – July 28, and include a performance as part of Nite Art in the University of Melbourne precinct on Thursday July 27.  The intensive studio will run between 10-5pm Monday – Friday, excepting Thursday in which it will run from 3-10pm for Nite Art.  There will be appropriate breaks.

Students wishing to participate should submit a short bio and text outlining why they would like to do the studio, alongside their understanding and interest in choreography at this point.  The choreography studio will be offered for around 12 participants.  Students from all faculties at the University of Melbourne are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please email your expression of interest to by Friday 28 April.

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