The GPG Project Spaces provide opportunities for curatorial projects in alternative spaces.  The program pushes for risk taking and experimentation and prioritises projects that address the public space of Union House, and its context within the University of Melbourne.  Each exhibition runs for one month across all three alternative spaces, with a closing celebration the final Wednesday of the exhibition.

Please come and chat to us about your ideas! Contact David Attwood, Arts Projects Officer

Union House, The University of Melbourne
VITRINE | Ground floor, North Court entrance
EXPERIMENTAL ART SPACE | Level 2, outside the GPG
WEST GLASS CABINET | Level 2, opposite the Rowden White Library

GPG Project Spaces Archive

March 2019

Surf’s Up

Bec Martin, Chas Manning, Edward Dean, Gabriella D’Costa, Matthew Ware

“‘Surf’s Up’ itself was to be the piece de resistance to Smile, the album that never was, Brian’s collaboration with Van Dyke Parks. The song itself emerges out of the legend that withholding it so long created. (It had been performed once by Brian at a piano, in 1967 on a Leonard Bernstein-bestows-his-blessing-on-rock television show, never to be heard again.) Is it as good as was breathlessly rumored by those who had heard the partial track? Well, yes.”
– Arthur Schmidt, Rolling Stone Magazine, October 1971















September 2018

Second Life: Conserving Experience

Catherine Gill (painting conservation), Sholeh Magzub (ceramic conservation),
Joshua Cassidy (photographic conservation), Chris Redman (digital conservation),
and Katrina Watson (time-lapse photography): Experimental Art Space (level 2)

Christine Mizzi (paper conservation): West Glass Cabinet (level 2)

Lisa Mansfield (textile conservation): Vitrine Project Space (ground floor)

Curation + installation design by Lisa Mansfield

Second Life: Conserving Experience examines the importance of everyday things and the memories attached to them. Photographs, toys, teacups, and games provide material evidence of culture, community and family – linking our contemporary life to the past, and to formative experiences with people we love.


Big thanks to The Break 

Room for their sustainably-sourced shattered ceramics; Charity Bramwell and Nick Dorrer for installation support; and Katrina Watson for her technological know-how.

‘Second Life: Conserving Experience’, Experimental Art Space, September 2018


‘Second Life: Conserving Experience’, Vitrine, September 


‘Second Life: Conserving Experience’, West Glass Cabinet, September 2018




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