Scotty So

06:00/18:00 is an exhibition that reflects the resolution of Scotty So’s research into ideas of the hybridity of living space. Inspired by his experience of relocation from the urban environment of Hong Kong to Melbourne’s suburbia, So looks into the road trip, the backyard party, and the signposts as means of representing the transition from urban to suburban. In order to challenge conventional experiences of place, the artist brings in installations and sculptures of reconstructed and repurposed outdoor objects. Alongside these objects, So brings a sense of play into the white cube of the gallery space.

With the displacement of the repurposed objects, So hopes to create a cinematic uncanniness, reflecting the alienation and senselessness that comes with translocation – from urban to suburban, and back again. By making strange the daily objects which normally encapsulate a sense of joy, familiarity, and time, So hopes the visitors can experience a sense of timelessness and spaceless-ness through the manipulated recognisable scenario.

Scotty So is an artist interested in the sense of camp and irony through appropriated objects and identities. He works across mediums, using painting, photography, 3D printing, site-specific installation, video, and sound to provoke humour and irony on the construct of the identity through appropriations of already known objects and site. Born and raised in Hong Kong, So is currently  a BFA Honours student at the Victorian College of the Arts. To date, So has presented two solo exhibitions and taken part in several group shows; including charity exhibitions about social housing issues and queer rights in Greater China.

IMAGE: Scotty So, FORTUNE AND PROPERITY. LED lightbox and rock chips, 2019

Article on 0:600 / 18:00 by Tyler Meredith