Calling all abstract sandwich artistes! Your moment has arrived…

The Game of Toasts winner for the month of September is…Mediterranean Melt (Salami, mozzarella, pesto, spinach). Grab it at Ida Bar for $7!

The Ida Bar is looking for a flavour sensation to add to our menu. If you’ve cooked up a toasted sandwich creation that you think the world needs to know about, enter our Game of Toasts now!

The winner receives $20 bar tab and a free jaffle each week for a month! The winning entries will also have their creation added to the menu for a month and the most popular flavour will earn itself a spot on the menu for good(ish).

The Rules:

  • Maximum four ingredients (excluding the bread)
  • All ingredients must be readily available
  • UMSU reserves veto power

Lay your claim to the throne!
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