New Crime & Mystery (July 2021) - True Crime Story – Joseph Knox 820 KNO The Maidens – Alex Michaelides 820 MIC Nancy Business – R.W.R. McDonald A820 MACD When You Are Mine – Michael Robotham A820 ROB The 22 Murders of Madison May – Max Barry A820 BAR The President’s Daughter – Bill Clinton and James Patterson 810 CLI
New Crime & Mystery (May 2021) - Bullet Train – Kotaro Isaka 895.6 ISA Other People’s Houses – Kelli Hawkins A820 HAW The Family Doctor – Debra Oswald A820 OSW The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman 820 OSM The Bone Code – Kathy Reichs 810 REI
New Crime (March 2021) - Transient Desires – Donna Leon 820 LEO Death in Daylesford – Kerry Greenwood A820 GRE The Survivors – Jane Harper A820 HAR A Murder at Malabar Hill – Sujata Massey 810 MAS The Missing American – Kwei Quartey 810 QUA Fifty Fifty – Steve Cavanagh 820 CAV Bright Young Dead – Jessica Fellowes 820 FEL […]
the day the lies began New Crime & Mystery (September 2019) - Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus 810 MACM The Girl Who Lived Twice by David Lagercrantz 839.7 LAG The Inn by James Patterson & Candice Fox 810 PAT Lady In The Lake by Laura Lippman 810 LIP The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney 820 DEL The Dirty Dozen by Lynda La Plante […]
nancys New Crime & Mystery July 2019 - The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides 820 MIC The Last by Hanna Jameson 820 JAM Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus 810 MACM Half Moon Lake by Kirsten Alexander 810 ALE The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup 839.81 SVE Lethal White by Robert Galbraith 820 GAL Girl in the Blue Coat by […]
wych elm New Crime & Mystery – January 2019 - Scrublands by Chris Hammer A820 HAM In a house of lies by Ian Rankin 820 RAN The spotted dog by Kerry Greenwood A820 GRE The sentence is death by Anthony Horowitz 820 HOR The three secret cities by Matthew Reilly A820 REI She was the quiet one by Michele Cambell 810 CAM Past tense by Lee Child 810 CHI Leave no […]
baby teeth New Crime & Mystery – September 2018 - The outsider by Stephen King 810 KIN Baby teeth by Zoje Stage 810 STA Something in the water by Catherine Steadman 820 STE Her pretty face by Robyn Harding 810 HAR Second sight by Aoife Clifford A820 CLI The other wife by Michael Robotham A820 ROB A different kind of evil by Andrew Wilson 820 WIL The nowhere child by Christian White […]
ghost New Crime & Mystery – July 2018 - The quiet side of passion by Alexander McCall Smith 820 MACC Murder at the Grand Raj Palace by Alexander McCall Smith 820 MACC Ghost by James Swallow 820 SWA Find you in the dark by Nathan Ripley 810 RIP Forever and a day by Anthony Horowitz 820 HOR The president is missing by Bill Clinton & James Patterson 810 CLI
before i let you go New Crime & Mystery – May 2018 - Ill Will by Dan Chaon 810 CHA The honey farm by Harriet Alida Lye 810 ALI Ultima by L.S Hilton 820 HIL Greeks bearing gifts by Philip Kerr 820 KER Too close to breathe by Olivia Kiernan 820 KIE The hoarder by Jess Kidd 820 KID The extremist by Nadia Dalbuono 820 DAL The temptation of forgiveness by Donna Leon 820 […]
the wicked cometh New Crime & Mystery – April 2018 - This I would kill for by Anne Buist A820 BUI The wicked cometh by Laura Carlin 820 CAR Widows by Lynda La Plante 820 LAP Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama 895.6 YOK The girl in the woods by Camilla Läckberg 839.7 LAC The memory chamber by Holly Cave A820 CAV The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton 820 TUR The […]
last stop tokyo New Crime – January 2018 - Last stop Tokyo by James Buckler 820 BUC Force of nature by Jane Harper A820 HAR Origin by Dan Brown 810 BRO The hidden keys by André Alexis 810 ALE The house of unexpected sisters by Alexander McCall Smith 820 MACC A patient fury by Sarah Ward 820 WAR Red dragon by Thomas Harris 810 HAR Towards zero […]
party girls die in pearls New Crime – September 2017 - Justice by Sarah Ciacia A820 CIA Craven by Melanie Casey A820 CAS A murder unmentioned by Sulari Gentill A820 GEN The unfortunate victim by Greg Pyres A820 PYE Camino island by John Grisham 810 GRI Two nights by Kathy Reichs 810 REI Party girls die in pearls by Plum Skykes 820 SYK Curious minds by […]
the black sheep New Crime & Mystery – April 2017 - The black sheep by Sophie McKenzie 820 MACK The dark room by Johnathan Moor 810 MOO The fall of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo by 810 PER The unknown terrorist by Richard Flanagan A820 FLA The 9th girl by Tami Hoag 810 HOA The bitter season by Tami Hoag 810 HOA The stranger by Camilla Lackberg […]
disappearance of adele bedeau New Crime & Mystery – December 2016 - The girl on the train – Paula Hawkins 820 HAW Dr. Knox – Peter Spiegelman 810 SPI Lady cop makes trouble – Amy Stewart 810 STE Slaughter park – Barry Maitland A820 MAI The hit – Nadia Dalbuono 820 DAL Ash island – Barry Maitland A820 MAI Dead in the water – Tania Chandler A820 CHA The trespasser – Tana French 820 FRE […]
New Crime & Mystery (Sept 2016) - The Owl Always Hunts at Night – Samuel Bjork 839.82 BJO The Satanic Mechanic: A Tannie Maria Mystery – Sally Andrew 896.5 AND The Serpent’s Sting: A William Power Fiasco – Robert Gott A820 GOT Under the Harrow – Flynn Berry 810 BER The Final Murder – Anne Holt 839.82 HOL Why Did You Lie? […]
sunset city New Crime fiction(April-August 2016) - Apologies for the super long list. We’ve had some visibility issues on the website, but they’re all fixed now, which you know because you can read this! So here is 5 months worth of new crime novels for your information, in date added to the catalogue order, most recent to least…. The satanic mechanic: a […]
to catch a killer New Crime & Mystery – March/April 2016 - Girl waits with gun by Amy Stewart 810 STE Victim without a face by Stefan Ahnhem 839.7 AHN Tricky twenty-two by Janet Evanovich 810 EVA To catch a killer by Nele Neuhaus 830 NEU Blessed are those who thirst by Anne Holt 839.82 HOL The big rewind by Libby Cudmore 810 CUD Six four by Hideo Yokoyama 895.6 […]
The catalyst killing New Crime & Mystery – February 2016 - Depraved heart by Patricia Cornwell 810 COR Blind Goddess by Anne Holt 839.82 HOL Descent by Tim Johnston 810 JOH The catalyst killing by Hans Olav Lahlum 839.82 LAH A banquet of consequences by Elizabeth George 810 GEO Going to the dogs by Dan Kavanagh 820 KAV Even dogs in the wild by Ian Rankin 820 RAN […]
Recipes for love and murder New Crime & Mystery – January 2016 - The American by Nadia Dalbuono 820 DAL Career of evil by Robert Galbraith 820 GAL Good Money by J.M Green A820 GRE Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbø 839.82 NES Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew 896.5 AND Wolf winter by Cecilia Ekbäck 810 EKB        
New Crime/Mystery (Nov 2015) - The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine – Alexander McCall Smith 820 MACC The Other Son – Alexander Soderberg 839.7 SOD The Last Lullaby – Carin Gerhardsen 839.7 GER Journey Under the Midnight Sun – Keigo Higashino 895.6 HIG I’m Travelling Alone – Samuel Bjork 839.82 BJO The Nature of the Beast – Louise Penny 810 […]