not that bad New Non-Fiction (July 2018) - Not that bad: dispatches from rape culture by Roxane Gay (ed.) 364.153 GAY I’ll be gone in the dark by Michelle McNamara 364.152320979409047 MACN A modern way to cook: Over 150 quick, smart and flavour-packed recipes for every day by Anna Jones 641.5 JON The house of Islam: A global history by Ed Husain 297 HUS Dark Emu […]
New Non-Fiction (May 2018) - Random Acts of Kindness: 101 Stories of Compassion and Paying it Forward – Amy Newmark 177.7 NEW Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia – Anita Heiss 305.89915 HEI My Mother, A Serial Killer – Hazel Baron 364.152320994 BAR The Colussus of New York – Colson Whitehead 818.5304 WHI Well Being: Recipes and Ritual to Realign the […]
oh joy sex toy vol 3 New Non-Fiction – April 2018 - The story of shit by Midas Dekkers 612.36 DEK Brave by Rose McGowan 927 MACG Educated by Tara Westover 289.3092 WES The wonder down under: A User’s Guide to the Vagina by Nina Brochmann and Ellen Stokken Dahl 611.67 BRO Edgy embroidery: Transform Conventional Stitches Into 25 Unconventional Designs by Renee Rominger 746.44 ROM Skin in the game: The Pleasure and […]
New Non-Fiction (Jan 2018) - Heroes and Villains: A Photographic Odyssey into the Fantastic World of Cosplay – Andrew Boyle 779.2 BOY The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl – Tess Holliday 306.4613 HOL How to Knit: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner – Tina Barrett 746.432 BAR The Weather Obsession – Lawrie Zion 551.63 ZIO […]
little book of life hacks New Non-Fiction – September 2017 - Learning how to breathe by Linda Neil 306.8743092 NEI Looptail: how one company changed the world by reinventing business by Bruce Poon Tip 910.4 TIP Dare to be kind: how extraordinary compassion can transform our world by Lizzy Velasquez 177.7 VEL Hunger by Roxanne Gay 306.4613 GAY Wellmania: misadventures in the search for wellness by […]
New Non-Fiction (April 2017) - Hidden Figures – Margot Lee Shetterly 510.92520973 SHE Yassmin’s Story: Who Do You Think I Am? – Yassmin Abdel-Magied 305.486970994 ABD Enemy Within: American Politics in the Time of Trump (Quarterly Essay) – Don Watson 324.973 WAT Eat This, My Friend: Everyday Vegetarian Recipes for Sharing – Jade O’Donahoo 641.5636 ODO The Helen 100 – […]
the misadventures of awkward black girl Non-Fiction December 2016 - Fight like a girl – Clementine Ford 305.420994 FOR The panama papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money – Bastian & Frederik Obermaier 323.445 OBE Abandoned places – Henk van Rensbergen 779.96 REN Hillbilly elegy : A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis – J. D. Vance 305.562092 VAN Reinventing IKEA […]
New Non-Fiction (Sept 2016) - I’m Supposed to Protect You From All This – Nadja Spiegelman 928 SPI Ghost Empire – Richard Fidler 949.502 FID The Hate Race: A Memoir – Maxine Beneba Clarke 928 CLA H is for Hawk – Helen MacDonald 927 MACD Position Doubtful : Mapping Landscapes and Memories– Kim Mahood 927 MAH Adnan’s Story: The Truth […]
sex object Non-Fiction (July-August) - My year without meat by Richard Cornish 613.262 COR The Voyeur’s motel by Gay Talese 070.4 TAL Atlas of lost cities Aude de Tocqueville 909.09732 TOC Freedom: my book of firsts by Jaycee Dugard Whole wide world by Tom Dusevic 928 DUS The May beetles: my first twenty years by Baba Schwartz 940.5318 The Geek feminist […]
New Non-Fiction (June 2016) - Political Amnesia: How We Forgot How To Govern – Laura Tingle 324.294 TIN $2.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America – Kathryn J. Edin 339.460973 EDI Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets – Joanna Blythman 363.192 BLY When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi 927 KAL How to Slowly Kill […]
The beautiful struggle New Non-Fiction – April 2016 - Cherry : a memoir by Mary Karr 924 KAR The beautiful struggle : A memoir by Ta-Nehisi Coates 927 COA The lady in the van by Alan Bennet 927 BEN The life changing magic of not giving a f**k by Sarah Knight 158.1 KNI Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran 070.92 The Boy Who Could Change the World: […]
Mindfulness guide for the frazzled New Non-Fiction – March 2016 - Beauty Hacks by Esme Floyd 646.7042 FLO Love Your Leftovers: Recipes for the Resourceful Cook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 641.5 FEA Jutaku: Japanese Houses by Naomi Pollock 728.370952 POL Wildflower by Drew Barrymore 927 BAR A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled by Ruby Wax 155.9042 WAX Health hacks by Esme Floyd 613 FLO A Murder Without Motive: the Killing of Rebecca Ryle by Martin […]
spectacles New Non-Fiction – February 2016 - Sideshow Alley: Infamy, the Macabre & the Portrait by Joanna Gilmour 364.994 GIL Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday by Jordan Matter 770 MAT Antihero by Fiona Peters & Rebecca Stewart 791.45652 PET The Liars’ Club: A memoir by Mary Karr 811.54 KAR My Misspent Youth: Essays by Meghan Daum 973.92 DAU My fight, your fight […]
New Non-Fiction (Jan 2016) - All Fall Down – Matthew Condon 364.132309943 CON Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying: the Secret World War II Tapes of German POWs – Sonke Neitzel 940.547241 NEI The Science of Surrealism: Assemblage Sculpture of Steve Brudniak – Steve Brudniak 709.04 BRU Notes From a Small Island – Bill Bryson 914.104859 BRY The Electric Kool-Aid […]
New Non-Fiction (Nov 2015) - Island Home: A Landscape Memoir – Tim Winton 928 WIN Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Elizabeth Gilbert 153.35 GIL All Your Friends Like This: How Social Networks Took Over the News – Hal Crawford 302.30285 CRA The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic – Jessica Hopper  781.66 HOP Resonate: […]
New Non-Fiction (Sept 2015) - The Last Blank Spaces: Exploring Africa and Australia – Dane Kennedy 916.008921 KEN Small Acts of Disappearance: Essays on Hunger – Fiona Wright 362.25092 WRI Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Tim Flannery 363.73874FLA Prick With a Fork: The World’s Worst Waitress Spills the Beans – Larissa Dubecki 647.9594 DUB […]
New Non-Fiction (Aug 2015) - Supermarket Monsters: the Price of Coles’ and Woolworths’ Dominance – Malcolm Knox 381.4564130994 KNO Hot Feminist: Modern Feminism With Style without Judgement – Polly Vernon 320.5266 VER Gut: The Inside Story of the Body’s Most Under-Rated Organ – Giulia Enders 612.32 END Zero Zero Zero – Roberto Saviano 363.45 SAV Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural […]
New Non-Fiction – June 2015 - Cadence: Travels with Music – A Memoir – Emma Ayres 791.44092 AYR How to Make a Human Being: a Body of Evidence – Christopher Potter 128 POT This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress – John Brockman 500.233 BRO Bad Behavior: A Memoir of Bullying and Boarding School – Rebecca Starford 920.STA […]
The Art of Asking New Non-Fiction – March 2015 - A rightful place : race, recognition and a more complete Commonwealth by Noel Pearson A world without walls : freedom, development, free trade and gloabal governance by Mike Moore Absolute recoil : towards a new foundation of dialectical materialism by Slavoj Zizek Ani’s raw food kitchen : easy, delectable living foods recipes by Ani Phyo […]
New Non-Fiction – January 2015 - Absolutely beautiful things :  a bright and colourful life by Anna Spiro The best place to be today :365 things to do and the perfect day to do them edited by Sarah Baxter The bush by Don Watson Blood will out : the true story of a murder , a mystery, and a masquerade by […]