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Spring Reads with The Rowdy - by Maeve Scannell, 9 September 2020 Spring has officially sprung! The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, so let’s spring clean your reading list! Try these wholesome, helpful and inspiring spring reads to give you a little hope in these strange and difficult times 🌿🌷🌱🌸 Courtesy of your friends at The Rowden White […]
depraved heart Depraved heart - by Patricia Cornwell 810 COR Shortly after borrowing this, I came to the stark realisation that Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels are my kind of ‘daytime soap addiction’. My intelligent mind is acutely aware that no one woman, or her immediate family members could ever possibly come so close to death and/or deal with psychotic villains, THAT […]
The Age of Miracles The Age of Miracles - by Karen Thompson Walker 810 WAL Like The Time Traveller’s Wife (810 NIF) or Oryx And Crake (810 ATT), this is a novel based on what would normally be taken as a Science Fiction theme (end of the world) but the emphasis is on the ordinary lives of the characters, despite the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in.  […]
Dead until dark Dead Until Dark - by Charlaine Harris ROMANCE 810 HAR It’s no secret that vampire lit has been having a phenomenal resurgence over the past few years, with the meteoric rise of the Twilight ‘saga’ and the Vampire Diaries enthralling audiences of all ages. Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series, on which the True Blood series is based, slightly predate this craze a little, and her vampires […]
The magicians The Magicians - by Lev Grossman SF & FANTASY 820 ROG Have you always wished magic was real? Then this is a book for you. Quentin has obsessed over a series of fantasy books ever since he was a child, and still secretly wishes the magical world of Fillory depicted in them was real, even though he’s well beyond […]
The Testament of Jessie Lamb The Testament of Jessie Lamb - by Jane Rogers FICTION 820 ROG The surprise winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award in 2012, The Testament of Jessie Lamb is Rogers’ first foray into science fiction. Jessie’s world has changed vastly in a short amount of time. A virus, released by unknown biological terrorists, has infected everyone on earth. But the dormant virus only becomes […]
Upstream color Upstream Color - directed by Shane Carruth DVD 810 CAR After watching Primer, and then this, it’s safe to say that Carruth don’t make no films for no idiots. So: a drug dealer feeds wormy things to a woman named Kris, she signs all her possessions over to him, then a mysterious mastermind extracts the worms and feeds them […]
Night of the hunter Night of the Hunter - directed by Charles Laughton  DVD 810 LAU A fake, murderous preacher Rev. Powell learns that an imprisoned father has the money from his robbery hidden somewhere near his home – we quickly learn it’s in the thief’s 4-year-old daughter’s doll. After Powell woos the townsfolk and, tragically, the children’s mother, the kids have to take […]
When We Wake + While We Run - When We Wake + While We Run                                       by Karen Healey | SF NZ820 HEA Part of me is surprised that this duo of YA novels by Kiwi author Karen Healey isn’t on high school English booklists across the country yet, but maybe that’s because it strikes a bit too close to home.  Sixteen year […]