Union House Theatre

Union House Theatre is the hub for co-curricular student theatre at the University of Melbourne. We program performances, masterclasses and events giving students a taste of professional practice. We have been nurturing student playwrights, directors, performers and technicians since 1969! Union House Theatre is staffed by industry professionals who can advise and assist you in all aspects related to performance and production.

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Petra Kalive – Artistic Director/Theatre Coordinator

Petra’s role is to provide support and guidance for students embarking on performance projects. Whether you are seeking particular advice on a project, wanting a sounding board for an idea, looking for career guidance, or need help in solving a problem, the Artistic Director can help! Come in and discuss ideas, pitch a project or show us your script!
The Artistic Director also runs workshops and directs the UHT production.
e: artistic(at)union.unimelb.edu.au | p: 83446961

Erin Adams – Administration and Development Officer

Erin is the one to see when you want to sign up for workshops, book a rehearsal room or start your own theatre group. She manages the website, Facebook and Instagram, as well as the weekly theatre enews ‘Followspot’. You can also chat to Erin about how to better market/publicise your production.
e: uht(at)union.unimelb.edu.au | p: 83446975

Gus Macdonald – Production Manager

Gus can help you out with all the backstage aspects of a theatre production. He is the one to see for a run down of the roles and responsibilities of key production staff and can show you how to create an effective and realistic production schedule that will bring together all the technical elements required to make your show a success!
e: production(at)union.unimelb.edu.au | p: 83444839

Clynton Jones – Head Technician

Clynton is here to provide help and advice on all technical aspects of theatre. Whether you need to make a snowstorm on stage, recreate the “brown” note or just want to know what a gobo is, Clynton is a one stop shop. You can also see him if you need to hire lighting, sound or staging equipment.
e: technician(at)union.unimelb.edu.au | p: 83443624

Jim Stenson – Stage Carpenter/Mechanist

If you are building a theatre set then Jim is your man! Whether you have a dream and no idea how to make it, or you are building something and it isn’t quite working out how you’d hoped, Jim can do everything except build it for you!
e: carpenter(at)union.unimelb.edu.au | p: 83443624

Student Theatre Statistics


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