Union House Theatre Access Resources

We’ve put together some resource packs on access and inclusion within theatre.

Follow these steps to make your performance (live or digital) more accessible for artists and audiences.

Access – it’s everyone’s responsibility 

We believe everyone has the right to be part of our theatre community, whether as an audience member or as an artist, and we think theatre productions and processes should strive to be as inclusive an experience as possible.

An event, performance, show, live-stream … should say – “you are welcome!”

Access in Theatre

The first step is to consider and identify what barriers your production might pose to both audiences and fellow artists/collaborators. Then consider what actions you can take to remove those barriers. Barriers might pop up along the way in each part of the process (from auditions, to rehearsals, to booking a ticket, or attending an event). It’s helpful to do some planning and be prepared.

You might start by thinking about:

  • The deaf or hard of hearing community
  • The blind and low vision community
  • Wheelchair accessibility and mobility access requirements
  • Neurodiversity
  • Atypical mental health
  • Language barriers
  • Communication barriers
  • Financial hardship

Some barriers might include:

  • Artistic processes
  • Marketing, advertising, and purchasing a ticket
  • Venue accessibility
  • Customer service and Front of House interactions

Top Tips to Get Started

Doing something is a great start.

Try not to get completely overwhelmed by all the possible options and then end up doing nothing at all. If this is your first time attempting accessibility, pick something that you feel is achievable and works well with your show and the agreed aims of your group. Have a go! Be kind to yourself and learn from your experience.

Access upfront – not as an afterthought

Account for access provisions in your budget in the same way that you allocate money for marketing. Having an accessible performance can broaden your audience. Allocate some money and consider how you might spend it wisely.

Community Engagement

Engaging with all members of the community ensures access is approached respectfully and correctly. It also lets communities know your work is being made accessible.

Now let’s get to the specifics! Jump into our access resources: