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Alcohol Service and The Ida Bar

In early 2018, the UMSU liquor licence conditions were updated, leading to several changes in the ways in which alcohol may be served and/or sold in Union House. Under these conditions, it is no longer possible for UMSU-affiliated Student Theatre Groups (STGs) to manage and run their own bar services for theatre productions.

Instead, UMSU has opened The Ida Bar on the first floor of Union House, conceived of as a student-centred bar and event space for and within the UMSU community. As a service of UMSU, The Ida Bar is excited to work with STGs to provide accessible, flexible and low cost service that meets production and budget requirements. The Ida Bar is open for regular bar service from Monday to Friday and available for pre-show, interval and post-show bar drinks. The Ida Bar can also be booked for your production parties and private events. In some situations, The Ida Bar may even be able to run and staff a pop-up bar in either the Union Theatre Bar or the Guild Theatre Foyer alongside your production.

Please contact the Ida bar directly to discuss your production dates and requirements:

Ida Bar email:

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to your opening night

Note: a bar with non-alcoholic beverages and snacks can be managed directly by your theatre group.