Grants & Underwriting

For all Theatre Board applications please note the 2017 meeting dates:
17 March, 7 April, 19 May, 28 July, 22 September, 20 October, 17 November, 8 December.
These are not the application deadlines. Applications will need to be submitted well before each meeting. Each application has a deadline listed below.

Theatre Board Underwriting

You can apply for underwriting (up to $1750) from the Melbourne University Theatre Board .

Underwriting is essentially a loan to help students put on performances without needing to spend their own money. If your production makes a profit you need to pay back as much as you can to the Theatre Board. If your production makes a loss and you can’t pay back the money that is fine. It is always great when you can pay back either some or all of the underwriting money because then the Theatre Board can lend the money to another theatre group.

It can take up to two weeks after the Theatre Board meeting for underwriting to be processed so you need to factor this in when you are deciding which meeting to submit your application to.

Deadline: applications must be submitted to the Artistic Director/Theatre Coordinator (artistic@union.unimelb.edu.au) no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.

After submitting your application you must make a time to meet with the Artistic Director/Theatre Coordinator to discuss your application. You then need to make any necessary changes and resubmit to the Artistic Director/Theatre Coordinator who will forward your application to the Theatre Board 5 days prior to the meeting. It is desirable to start this process as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

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➡️️Download Statement by Supplier Forms

➡️️Download_New_Local_Supplier Form    (➡️️Download Example of Completed Form)

➡️️Download Underwriting Budget Template

Theatre Board Creative Development Funding

The University of Melbourne Theatre Board offers small grants to students for creative explorations and skills development projects that are not tied to production outcomes. Applications will be accepted twice per year (Monday 15 May and Monday 13 November 2017), and decisions will be announced after the May and November Theatre Board meetings. Maximum funding: $1,000.

➡️️ Apply for Theatre Board Creative Development Funding

Theatre Board New Work Grants

The University of Melbourne Theatre Board offers New Work Grants grants to affiliated student theatre groups to encourage creative risk taking and the development of original Australian work (in any performing arts discipline) with a production outcome. Applications are accepted twice a year, at the beginning of Semesters One and Two.  Decisions regarding the applications are announced following the March and July meetings of Theatre Board. Please note that the New Work Grant differs from the Theatre Board’s Creative Development Grant in that it is a requirement that the new work will result in a production/performance that will occur within one year of the grant being approved.  It is possible for applicants to apply for both a Theatre Board Creative Development Grant and a New Work Grant for the same project (as long as each application meets the requisite requirements and criteria).

Applications are due by Tuesday 14 March 2017 (late applications will not be accepted)
Maximum funding: $2,000.

➡️️ Apply for New Work Grants Application 

UMSU Creative Arts Grants

You can apply for grants (up to $500) from UMSU Creative Arts. Details here.