UHT Peer Mentors

G’day, we are the four new resident UHT Peer Mentors! Our names are Dominic Weintraub, Reis Low, Sodi Murphy-Shrives, and Jacob Sacher. We are all recent UoM graduates and alumni of the UHT Student Theatre community.

As the new UHT Peer Mentors, we will be hanging around campus and online this semester. We’ll be having conversations, hosting events, and stirring up an appropriate amount of theatrical trouble. We are very friendly, and can always help point you in the right direction, give you advice about setting up your own projects or company and help you get the most out of this vibrant community.

So come say hi. Ask your questions. Participate in a workshop. Challenge us to a theatre challenge. We’re here to help make theatre on campus as rewarding, dynamic, and accessible as possible.

Please feel free to get in touch by emailing: UHTPeerMentors@gmail.com
We’d love to hear from you.

We are doing a lot of things, so check out Insta for updates about what we’re up to!

Student Theatre Podcast

We’re making a student theatre podcast.
And we are looking for collaborators.

We’re looking for people with student theatre experience and people without student theatre experience. People who love theatre and people who hate theatre. Podcast lovers, musical fiends, cabaret queens, and people who think plays are a slightly worse version of movies. We’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for interviewers, interviewees, and anyone in between.

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A Bit About Us…

Reis Low (they/them) is an arts manager and maker with a background in theatre and dance. Reis previously interned at La Mama, founded Melbourne University physical theatre group Floor Work, and facilitated interdisciplinary movement workshops at the George Paton Gallery. Their recent management credits include stage managing Hydra by Double Water Sign and Wit Incorporated’s Every Second (2021). They are a big believer in brief group naps during the rehearsal process (credit to Bridget Balodis). Reis also enjoys chatting with people about their ideas and passions over a cup of tea.

Sodi Murphy-Shrives (they/them) is a queer trans-non-binary interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and director. They have worked extensively in theatre and film, often bringing their body-focused, devised and collaborative process to each new creative project. They graduated Melbourne Uni in 2018, with a Bachelor’s of English & Theatre, and have a Bachelor of Film & TV from Swinburne University. During their time at Melbourne Uni, they played Hamlet in MUSC’s 2014 production of Hamlet, and directed Filthy Rick in 2017, for which they won Best Show and Best Director and the UHT Awards. They are currently working on their queer devised community web-series, Low Frequency.

Jacob Sacher (he/him) is passionate about creating comedy and engaging community. He is the founding chair of Corner Shop Comedy, a not-for-profit comedy theatre built on the values of inclusivity, diversity, safety, and accessibility. Jacob has performed in countless comedy festivals and shows with his sketch group Paul Noodle, his improv team Will it Juice?, or by himself doing Jewish comedy. He would love to talk to you about: getting involved with comedy and theatre on campus; your dreams, goals and aspirations; and his dog Dunkaccino Poodle.

Dominic Weintraub (he/him) is a theatre maker and arts facilitator based in Melbourne. A graduate from the University of Melbourne and the VCA, Dominic has performed for Arts Centre Melbourne in their collaboration with the NGV (Huddle); with American theatre makers Lawrence Lewis and Devon Paulson on ALONE – their first-ever Australian show; and with Punctim Inc. on their Green Room Award-winning artwork Public Cooling HouseRecently, he has become interested in the intersection between contemporary performance practice, and community collaboration. Working with the performance collective Pony Cam, he recently made Paradise Lots in collaboration with teenagers from Darebin, and is currently working on Anything You Can Do – a collaboration with seniors.