SWOTVAC Survival Guide - Congrats – you’ve almost made it through the semester! Now with exams and assignments looming, you have one blessed week of study before it all starts — SWOTVAC. Yikes. A week sounds like a long time but trust us, it will fly by. Here are some tips on how to survive SWOTVAC and make the […]
Some things to know at the beginning of the semester - The beginning of first semesters at University have a particular magic to them – a sense of newness, re-invention, and of freedom. If you’re a first year, they’re the beginning of a course, shiny like glitter in the sun. If you’re in second or subsequent years, it’s either the opportunity to do better or to […]
UMSU学生主张部门的特别通知 - 期中期末是所有学生的困难期间。有时候功课的期限和考试带来的压力太大了,一些学生会为了得到大学的特别考虑而伪造或在网上购买伪造的医生证明书和医疗文件。这在表面上看起来不太重要,但其实这种行为是违法的! 伪造文件属于诈骗的行为,在大学的后果比其他的学术不端行为严重。如果学校发现你提供了假冒医疗文件,你很有可能会被学校开除,学费也拿不回来。严禁利用伪造的医疗文件或HPR表格获取考试或功课的特别考虑! 学生主张部门可以为你提供各种各样的服务,但是如果你被发现有伪造文件的话,我们能做的事将会非常有限。请你在事情严重之前来找我们,我们能帮你申请特别考虑,或着为你介绍其他选择。如果你在网上看到这些医疗文件的买卖服务,或被这些公司联系,请通知我们,以便帮助其他学生。我们对你的资料会进行保密。 赶紧通知同学:永远不要使用伪造文件!如果你生病了,去看医生非常重要。 关于学术不端行为的详细信息:https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/support/advocacy/misconduct/ 如果你需要帮助,请在此联系学生主张部门:https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/support/advocacy/contact/
Shooting yourself in the foot: Academic Misconduct Exam Edition - You’re nearly there at the end. You can’t wait to clear that last exam so you can fall asleep with a straw feeding you milkshake intra-mouthly from that Maccas post-exam feast. It’s only 3 hours and you’re home free. Sure, you stayed up cramming all night. Sure, you put on 6 alarms 5 minutes apart […]
Help! I have so much information in my head that I forgot to bring a pen to the exam! - There’s only so much information a brain can hold. All those books talking about the brain that can heal itself or neuroplasticity of memory can go and stuff themselves. You know, I know and they know that come exam time, you’re cramming info in there and the anxiety of other info spilling out is real […]
The Legend of the Amulet: Special Consideration Exam Period Edition - Sometimes, it’s fun to imagine that the pursuit of your education is like a grand quest in the tradition of Lord of the Rings (especially if you are trying to procrastinate). After all, you are after that precious (a.k.a your degree). Sometimes in pursuit of precious, you might encounter some obstacles much like Frodo did […]
I object! Assessment Disputes and the Law (i.e.: University Policy) - There’s something really satisfying about watching Jim Carey over-enunciate and over-emote his lines in Liar Liar. Particularly “I object!”. It’d be great to have that recording on your phone when you’re at Union House ordering two curries and rice and the ratio of juice/curry to rice is #sad or when the library only has 2 […]
Imitation may not be the highest form of flattery at University: Plagi(argh)rism - Remember when in year nine your Insta was so on point? You were the first to post an artsy photo of The Hunger Games movie tix, the first to rock sepia-toned photos of St Kilda beach because nature and beauty and the first to post a three-part photo series showing people’s hands on their laps […]
Special C - Special C is similar to Special K* in that it isn’t. One is an application for special consideration that you make online when (clears throat) “exceptional or extenuating circumstances outside of your control” have had a “demonstrated impact on your ability to complete academic requirements” while the other is an artificial squishing of one of […]
Everybody Hates Group Work - Inevitably, in a long enough academic timeline, you will be required to participate in group work where you’re either lumped with doing all the work or you’re paired up with a control freak who insists on doing all the work. Either option is as pretty as that damned pimple on your nose that just keeps […]