I object! Assessment Disputes and the Law (i.e.: University Policy)

There’s something really satisfying about watching Jim Carey over-enunciate and over-emote his lines in Liar Liar. Particularly “I object!”.

The Legend of the Amulet: Special Consideration Exam Period Edition

Sometimes, it’s fun to imagine that the pursuit of your education is like a grand quest in the tradition of Lord of the Rings (especially if you are trying to procrastinate). After all, you are after that precious (a.k.a your degree).

Help! I have so much information in my head that I forgot to bring a pen to the exam!

There’s only so much information a brain can hold. All those books talking about the brain that can heal itself or neuroplasticity of memory can go and stuff themselves.

Shooting yourself in the foot: Academic Misconduct Exam Edition

You’re nearly there at the end. You can’t wait to clear that last exam so you can fall asleep with a straw feeding you milkshake intra-mouthly from that Maccas post-exam feast. It’s only 3 hours and you’re home free.

Fake Medical Certificates… not a big deal, right?

Everyone struggles at the end of semester. Sometimes the stress to meet deadlines or the pressure of sitting exams becomes too difficult for some students.


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