Fee Refunds

If you have withdrawn from a subject, discontinued your course, taken leave of absence, or submitted a thesis, you may be eligible to apply for a refund or remission of fees.

Usually, you must formally withdraw before the census date to be eligible for a refund of fees. The census dates for standard semester 1 and semester 2 subjects are 31 March and 31 August respectively. Census dates for other teaching periods may vary. Census dates for your subjects are detailed on your Enrolment Record/Statement of Liability.

To apply for a refund, you need to fill in a form and lodge it at your Student Centre within 12 months of withdrawing from the subject or course.

More information on fees and fee policies can be found at the University’s Future Students website.

If you are applying for a refund on the basis of special circumstances, such as illness, you will need to complete a Request for Remission or Refund in Special Circumstances form. You must apply within 12 months of withdrawal or, if not withdrawn, 12 months from the end of the study period for the subject/s. You need to meet the set criteria and provide relevant supporting documentation as evidence to support your request.

Further Information