Many students have been contacting UMSU about some kind of fee relief. We know that this a major issue for many students so now that the University has acted on WAM and assessment UMSU wants to make sure that the University takes appropriate action on fees.

In representing students UMSU needs to get a clear picture of how the fee issue affects students and the reasons that students are seeking fee relief.

There are a variety of fee arrangements for students so fee relief measures will not have the same impact on all students and the University is maintaining its position that:

  • Online education is not inherently cheaper than on campus education
  • The fact of the shift to online education is not a basis for fee relief
  • There will not be a diminution in educational quality as a result of the shift to online education.

UMSU also notes that students have the choice to withdraw prior to the revised census date of 30 April  and to receive refunds or remissions of all fees paid. Students who are interested this option should seek advice before making changes to their enrolment.

UMSU believes that the most effective approach to getting the University to take action in relation fees is to run a series of concurrent, course-based campaigns where we can identify a major disparity between the nature of the course, or subject, that was promised and what is being delivered.

This survey is now closed. 


With over 6400 responses, we have presented the findings from the Fee Relief Survey to the University. We will keep you updated on any response.

Read the report here.