Bcom Exam Hurdle – Sign The Petition!

In order to pass the pass the core subjects for the Bachelor of Commerce, the Faculty’s current policy dictates that each student must receive a pass on the final assessment.

It doesn’t have to be this way – Commerce students should not have their entire degree resting on this one hurdle. Read on and sign the petition to ensure equality of assessment for all students.

So why is high stakes assessment such a bad idea? 

It’s been said that it’s a good way to stop people from cheating, since there’s fewer opportunities for people to collude, but doesn’t stop people cheating; in fact it makes it *more* likely that people will cheat, and will be punished harder, since the weighing of the assessment is also higher.

It increases stress, since people who otherwise might pass won’t and know they won’t – so every final is a weight on your shoulders.

We’ve already seen that students have had to apply for special consideration more often than before – but to make things even worse, the Faculty is cracking down on that too, making it even more difficult for students to access it.

And perhaps worst of all, if you’re an international student and you fail a subject, you can face deportation from the country.

All of this points to an issue that has caused students a lot of anxiety over the past few years. It doesn’t have to be like this. Have your say and sign the petition here:

EDU - Bcom Hurdle Petition