Counter Course Handbook

The Counter Course Handbook is a new student run guide to University subjects, written from a student perspective. The handbook will tell you what students who have taken the subject thought of it. It will also give you advice on how to best do the subject. You will be able to read, for example, whether it is really necessary to buy the textbook, whether you need to attend all the lectures, and how much work you need to put in to do well on the assessments. We know that the University Handbook doesn’t provide all the answers. So we are helping students share information so that you can know in full what you’re getting into, and how to prepare for it, before the semester even begins.

The Counter Course Handbook is only made possible through the subject reviews that students do of their subjects. To contribute use the search form below to find past subjects, then open the subject to post your rating and review. If you can’t find the subject you’re looking for, let us know here and we’ll arrange to add it in.