Current Student Representatives on Boards and Committees

Most boards and committees at the University of Melbourne have student representative positions. Positions are held either by elected office bearers or chosen via applications open to all students, keep an eye here for the next round of applications.

2016 Student Representatives are currently being selected and trained. Come back soon for the most up to date list.

University Council (Elected at UMSU and GSA elections)
UMSU Rep – Declan McGonigle:
GSA Rep – Kara Hadgraft:

Senior Management Advisory Boards:

Academic Consultation and Coordination Committee

Academic Board

Academic Board Committees:

  • Academic Programs Committee
  • IT Committee
  • Libraries and Academic Resources Committee
  • Selection Procedures Committee
  • Teaching & Learning Development Committee
  • Teaching & Learning Quality Assurance Committee

Faculty Boards:

  • Arts Faculty Board
  • Arts Faculty Library Committee
  • Arts Teaching and Learning Committee


  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee