Law Class Recordings Petition

At present, Melbourne Law School (MLS) only makes recordings of classes available to students who:

  • Are registered for Special Consideration (ongoing support);
  • Miss classes for more than five consecutive business days due to medical grounds or personal circumstances; or
  • Miss classes for five business days over a period of 1-2 weeks due to medical grounds or personal circumstances.

This policy disadvantages a range of student groups, and cuts them out of full participation in courses offered by MLS. It is an unfair policy.

As the peak representative body for all University of Melbourne students, UMSU is campaigning for unconditional access to recordings for students.

There are five reasons for this:

  1. Remove the stigma deterring students from accessing support services, including class recordings;
  2. Reduce the anxiety and depression experienced by MLS students in relation to assessment stress;
  3. Support the academic inclusion of speakers of English as an additional language (“EAL speakers”);
  4. Accommodate the large numbers of MLS students balancing work commitments with study; and
  5. Improve student autonomy, and thereby help alleviate MLS students’ mental distress.

Your signature, and your story, will help us show the MLS faculty that students support access to essential learning resources.

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