Law Lectures: Petition

UMSU and the GSA believe all lectures should be recorded, subject to strict opt-outs. This is University policy, hard-won after lobbying and activism by our predecessors.

Melbourne Law School’s current class recording policy in breach of this. It must be changed. This is an issue of accessibility, equity, and learning resources. Law students deserve equal treatment.

UMSU’s own position on this issue can be found here.

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This petition demands that:

  1. Melbourne Law School recognise that, given how they’re actually taught, most JD classes are lectures. This is the case for the majority of the core subjects, and most electives;
  2. Melbourne Law School move to a class recording policy consistent with University policy: that means all lectures are recorded (especially those of the subjects listed above), and recordings made available, unless exempted in writing on specific grounds;
  3. All lecture theatres be fitted as soon as practicable with lecture capture technology; and that
  4. Existing lecture recordings be made available to all students, as an interim measure.

This change is needed to ensure that:

  • The JD is diverse, egalitarian and accessible to students from many backgrounds; and
  • That JD students who are mature and independent are given access to learning resources they need to flourish, particularly given the cost of the course they’re in.

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EDU - Law Lectures Petition

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How else can I get involved?

Student Forum

We’re having a joint student forum on Tuesday 28th August, 7-8pm in GM17 of the Law Building. It’d be great to see you there! Our Facebook Event is here.


We’re also holding a BQQ on Wednesday 29th August, 1-2pm in Lincoln Square, so you can come by, find out more, and grab a sausage (or veggie/vegan alternative)!