VCA/MCM Course Standing Committee Application Form

Have you thought about getting involved in the guts of how VCA/MCM runs?

UMSU appoints a student as its representative on the VCA/MCM course standing committee. This is a great chance to represent your peers on the quality and structure of courses at Southbank. It ranged from the controversial to the banal – get involved!

The only formal qualifications are that you be studying a VCA/MCM course, and you can make the commitment.

Besides that, there are no firm criteria we apply – we just look for people that are going to be diligent and firm advocates who will press for students’ interests.

The commitment required should only be a few meetings a year (generally no more than monthly), as and when required. To be an effective rep, you also should keep across the meeting papers as and when they required, which should only take an evening.

We also have monthly meetings of the Student Representative Network (“SRN”) up in Parkville which you are recommended to attend (although, as non-Parkville students with much more on, we’ll be more lenient if you can’t always make it).

The Process

  1. Fill in the form below. We’ll hold this form open until Monday the 11th January (unless we extend it).
  2. Most candidates will also have a casual chat with us, either in our offices or by phone if you need, in the two weeks following the 11th.
  3. We’ll let our representative know by the end of June.

The Form

This form is just designed to gauge your motivations, interest, and background. Don’t stress about getting answers wrong (except your details – get that right), we’re just using it to figure out who you are.


Your Details

More About You

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Feel free to upload any supporting documentation such as your resume (like, portfolios are cool, but less relevant for being a committee rep? So probs not that…though that depends on your portfolio)