Charli Fouhy – EdPub Officer

Hola I’m Charli Fouhy, one of the EdPub Dream Team at UMSU in 2019. I’m a 3rd year science student studying to be an electrical engineer, but originally I’m from Far North Queensland and previously have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and Spanish. So if that sentence says anything, I’m pretty much just a massive nerd, but I’m also a firm believer in climate justice, the Western Bulldogs and unionism. I’m hardly ever in my office because I like to work out of cafes and I distract everyone when I’m there, so if you need me, follow me on instagram @umsueducation or email me at Can’t wait to meet ya and get activisting!

Cam Doig – EdPub Officer

Hi gang! I’m Cam, and I’m pretty dang proud to be one of your EdPub officers this year! I’m a 3rd year law student (I’m one of the good ones, I promise). I did a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics, and boy have I been extremely online ever since.

I’m dead keen on fighting inequality, refugee rights, science fiction, and going hiking. My mother made me buy a broad-brimmed hat because it’s more sunsmart.

I’m always on my grind in the office, so swing by and say hi! Alternatively, try Make friends! Shock your parents! Become an activist ! Hope to see you all soon.