Rural, Regional and Interstate (RRI) Students Collective 2021

Every Tuesday in semester 2-3pm AEST alternating each week via Zoom and in person (pending COVID restrictions)!!

We’re very excited to launch the brand new Rural, Regional and Interstate (RRI) Students Collective!! Last year, we recognised that there wasn’t an exclusive space in UMSU for students from rural, regional and/or interstate backgrounds. We love our collectives and believe that everyone should have a space, so we decided to stand up and make a new collective.

Firstly, this collective is a space to make friends and connections with other people from rural, regional and/or interstate backgrounds. We know it can be daunting going to a university in Melbourne, especially if this is your first year, so we want this collective to be able to be a supportive space for you. Additionally, as this collective is run by EdPub (your local activists), this collective will have an activist component to it. We’ll run campaigns on issues that RRI students are facing, and pressure whoever we need to pressure (eg. Unimelb or a government). We can only run these campaigns if you come along and share your experiences, so hopefully we’ll see you around!

If you’re a student from a rural or regional area or from interstate, we’d love to see you here!! Our collective runs every Tuesday in semester between 3-4pm via Zoom every second week, and every other week in person (Graham Cornish B). Head to the UMSU Education Facebook page to stay in the loop for updates on our collective!

Collective details for 2021 Semester 2:

In person:

17 August (Graham Cornish A, Union House), 31 August (Graham Cornish A), 14 September (Training Room 2, Union House), 28 September (Graham Cornish A), 12 October (Graham Cornish A).

Online (via Zoom):

27 July, 3 August, 10 August, 24 August, 7 September, 5 October, 19 October.

Zoom Details:

Topic: Rural, Regional and Interstate (RRI) Students Collective

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
Password: 449274