Working with your lawyer

Below are some tips to help you when contacting the UMSU Legal Service.

Before the first telephone call

  • Write down the details of the legal problem: what happened, when it happened, and who was there.
  • Gather together any documents that may be relevant to your legal matter.
  • Write down the questions you want to ask the lawyer.
  • Write down the outcome you hope to achieve in your matter.

During the first telephone call

  • Take notes of what is said to you.
  • Respond clearly to the questions the lawyer asks you.
  • Ask the lawyer questions if you do not understand something or want to know what you need to do.
  • Ask the lawyer to explain any legal terms that you do not understand.
  • Ask the lawyer what options there are to deal with your legal matter.
  • Ask the lawyer what happens next and how long it may take to deal with your legal matter.

Get Legal Help