Free Meditation Classes

Meditation is proven to be an effective method of managing stress, increasing motivation, reducing stress and, more fundamentally, discovering our mind’s full potential. In these free classes students will learn how to become more present and compassionate, observe thoughts without judgement and respond rather than react to the world around them.

Each week new techniques and ideas will be explored and practised in a safe and supportive environment that will cultivate connection and support, and allow the opportunity for a deeper practice to emerge.

Please note:

  • For safety reasons, we will only admit those with a valid University of Melboure student ID card.
  • Please arrive promptly as the doors to Level 1, Stop 1 (opposite the lifts) will close and lock at 5:15pm and students will not be able to access Room 111
  • No registration required



Kieran O’Shea is a registered teacher with the Meditation Association of Australia and is a Student Development Advisor at The University of Melbourne. He began meditating 8 years ago and has navigated life’s inevitable ups and downs during this time with the practice as his constant companion.


Every Thursday during semester, 5:15pm-6:00pm.


Room 111, Level 1 (opposite lifts) of Stop 1.


Please send any questions or queries to your Welfare Officers, Natasha Guglielmino & Ashwin Chhaperia, at welfare@union.unimelb.edu.au or chuck us a message on Facebook.