Free Meditation Classes

Meditation and mindfulness are proven to positively impact mental and physical health and through these free classes, a space is created for students to learn how to become more present, observe their thoughts without judgement, open their hearts, develop self-compassion and connect to themselves and the world around them.

Each week new techniques and ideas will be explored and practised in a safe and supportive environment that will cultivate connection and support, and allow the opportunity for a deeper practice to emerge.

Students are welcome to bring a small object of some significance to place in the circle and honour – rings, jewellery, crystals, keys, photos are common items.

Please note: No sign-ups are required but classes are limited in size.



Certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, Kieran O’Shea teaches individual clients and classes in Melbourne and works as a Student Development Advisor at The University of Melbourne.


Every Thursday, starting in Week 2,  from 5:15pm-6:15pm.


Graham Cornish A on Level 2 of Union House.


Please send any questions or queries to your Welfare Officers, Natasha Guglielmino & Ashwin Chhaperia, at or chuck us a message on Facebook.