Education Conference is held annually by the National Union of Students. It is a chance for students from across the country to skill share with other student unions, learn about education activism, and guide the national campaigns for the rest of the year.

This year the conference will be held in Perth at the University of Western Australia from the 8th of July until the 11th. As it will be difficult for students to travel this far, UMSU will cover the cost of registration for all students who fill out the expression of interest form and register for the conference. Grants will also be made available at a later date.

If you are thinking about going to Education Conference, please fill out this form to register interest.
You must fill out the form by the 21st of May to receive a grant from UMSU.

Please note if you are attending NOWSA and would like to receive as much reimbursement/ subsidies as possible you MUST tell us by Friday the 18th April if you are attending and you must have filled out our form and paid the deposit.

We will be booking flights for people who do so, if they wish to fly with us, soon after the 18th so make sure you tell us or you may miss out on a subsidy you could get. After the 18th we will be organizing subsidies so you must have told us by then.

If you are coming to NOWSA and a student at the university of melbourne
Please fill this out;

We are starting to reimburse deposits but you must have filled out the linked form AND send us a screenshot/ some sort of receipt proof to be reimbursed.
please send questions, concerns and screenshot via an email to

So These are the things that need to be taking in consideration with money. We are doing our best to make sure we can cover as much as possible- particularly looking at subsidising rego, flights and accommodation. We will let you know as more info comes in!

– Rego
– Accommodation
– food (only one meal is provided at ECU)
– Public Transport; if you have a health care card or your parents have one and you are listed as a dependent PLEASE BRING THIS TO PERTH it will cost the cost of public transport in perth
– Taxi Fares

The Union usually pays for registration so this is our first priority.
We are also trying to subsidise flights and accommodation.

We will need to know by Thursday 17th April if you are coming to nowsa if you wish to have us book flights for you so we can all go as a collective. When you email us please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements.

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Hey all

So we are a bit low on funds for NOWSA and so we are having a bake sale next week to try and raise some funds!!
If you are going to nowsa or thinking about it please donate some baked goods to the sale and feel free to come help us.

What is NOWSA? NOWSA is the Network of Women Students Australia and is an annual conference held at different locations each year.
It is open to anyone who identifies as a Woman, including trans.
For more info;

We are happy to store cupcakes and baked goods in our office until midday so you don’t have to carry them around fending off hungry friends in classes.

Please donate so we can raise funds for you!
The bake sale: