You might notice the smell of books missing from your walk down Swanston Street now—and not because it’s masked by the smell of Subway. Sainsbury Books has closed down. The former second-hand bookshop lived a happy life just outside the Parkville campus. We commemorate it with a cover, by the very talented Lynley Eavis, dedicated to pre-loved books, and a nice little news piece detailing its closure (by Rebecca Carroll and Steph Bishop-Hall). We’re sorry to see it go; there is no adequate replacement for it on campus.

This edition is filled with a substantial amount of heavy content: drugs, sexual assault, and religion all form part of our second creation of the year. But to balance it out, we’ve also got a nice picture of a fluffy animal on page 27, as well as bits and pieces on music festivals, comic books, and pubic hair. They’re all topped off with our entertaining columns: sex, stationery, and historical conspiracies, to name a few.

The semester is now well underway, and so are we. Farrago has traditionally been a print magazine, but we’re getting into this ‘new media’ thing now too. Our dedicated multimedia team has been hard at work making us as accessible on the interwebs as we are on campus. We’ll be starting a podcast series, which will tie into the magazine as well as feature some completely self-contained content. We’ve got a new video ad coming out soon as well—just like on TV! Check us out on Facebook to find it, and while you’re there, hit the ‘Like’ button too.

We were incredibly excited to see how quickly edition one disappeared off the stands. It only took two weeks for every single copy to be completely snapped up. Sorry if you’ve been suffering from Farrago withdrawal for the past two weeks, but fear not: edition two is here! As always, we hope you enjoy reading and looking at it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together. And if you don’t, please write us an angry letter. We love hate mail.

Last but not least, we encourage you to get involved! The aforementioned teams of creative genii are always looking for fresh faces and keen minds. Whether you’re into writing, drawing, talking into a microphone, or anything else, we can find some way for you to bring those talents to the Farrago field.

Please send expressions of interest, pitches, artworks, declarations of undying love, and/or death threats to

Zoe, Kevin, Michelle, and Sean.