“Perhaps a better name would be “The Philosophy of What We Think They Think About The Environments”.
Bit of a ball-breaker to be honest, but if you read academic journals in your spare time and don’t mind appearing like a bit of a tosser then this subjects for you.
There are certainly pros – not too many contact hours, you can get by in most tutes without having done the reading and no exam. However these pros are overshadowed by the smell of pretentious.

All of you who prefer to be a bit more pro-active, I’d avoid this one like the plague.”

Would you recommend this subject? no

“A law breadth subject that is required if you need to great accreditations in the future. Enjoyed this far better than Business Law (BLAW10001). I had a great lecturer and tutor who are able to explain the subject very well, explanations are clear and concise. However, this subject has a lot of reading to do which, while not most necessary, helped me to enhance my understanding for this subject so that i did not have to do lectopia. So if you’re looking to take this subject, be very prepared to do quite a bit of reading to secure your H. Otherwise, attend all tutorial to secure your understanding of the subject.”

Would you recommend this subject? Yes

“Basically, you learn that the most important thing to have in any article is a great pun. Fun and engaging lectures, and only one hour per week so worth going to as they cover a lot of the essentials. Tutes range from the hilarious to the helpful, depending on how engaged people in the class are. Feedback system is great although subject format advantages students who work throughout the semester as opposed to cramming at the end. LMS postings required as well as participation in tutes, so be prepared to bring your game face and not rock up hungover. Easy pass, but a hard subject to knock out of the park. Incredibly valuable if you wish to pursue a career in journalism, plenty of helpful tips and forces you to build up a portfolio.”

Would you recommend this subject? YES

“This was a good subject which was far more theory based than they made it out to be! However, it’s really interesting, and a good basis for future politics subjects. The lectures and tutes are very engaging, the readings were a little long sometimes!”

Would you recommend this subject? YES