“Subject has a lot more materials than my other year 3 management subjects. Be prepared to do 6 weeks of intensive case studies with group mates to get a decent score. To top it of, there is a scoreboard that ranks your group’s position against the whole cohort. So try to get great group mates in the first tutorial, or if you can, talk to the other students in your tutorials before it starts to get a feel for them. The enthusiasm of your group mates could really affect the momentum of subsequent case studies. Also take note of the creative presentation of the case studies that you would need to clinch a H1, (podcast, videos, mock radio interviews..etc)

SO, I would only recommend if you have a lot of time in your hands (like if you are taking some H1 breadth) due to the heavy work load of this subject or if you love a challenge. This is especially so as lectures are not as clear and concise as I would have liked and you might need to read your notes a few times to get the general flow of the topics. (Though that might just be me)”

Would you recommend this subject? No