“This subject leads on from MAST10008 Accelerated Maths 1, and covers the content of both MAST10006 Calculus 2 and the second-year subject Real Analysis, all in one semester. The topics were: sequences (convergence, divergence, etc), limits (including “epsilon-delta proof”), continuity, differentiability, integration, differential equations (including some physics-related applications), improper integrals, and infinite series.

The lecturer is Prof Barry Hughes, a slightly eccentric but kind-hearted man. He shows up to lectures wearing a mischievous boyish smile, and with a black umbrella under his arm (which he uses as a pointer). In spite of his quirks, Barry is an approachable and charismatic professor. His consultation hours were popular and very helpful.

The subject content is hard and fast-paced (it’s not called “accelerated” for nothing) so you really have to concentrate in the lectures. The lectures are recorded – however, Barry uses the whiteboard to work through examples, so if you use the recording, it is a matter of reconstructing the examples based on his “narration”, which is not always easy.

It takes a few weeks to get into the right frame of mind for the subject, so don’t be put off by the complicated example in the first lecture!

Is this subject right for you? Basically three categories of people do AM2: those who did AM1 in first semester, those who did UMEP maths, and mid-year intake students. If you’re in the first category, then you’d already have some idea of what you’re in for! AM2 is possibly a bit harder than AM1, but if you survived AM1 you should survive AM2 as well. If you’re a UMEP student, chances are you’re pretty good at maths… that means you’ll love AM2. Mid-year intake students should check out the review for AM1 (MAST10008) to see what this “accelerated” stream is all about.”

Would you recommend this subject? yes