Welcome back to second semester! It has been a long time since I have reached out to your various digital devices. The news and current affairs rolls on, exams and assessments have come and gone and a great number of us have been venturing out into the crisp winter in search of Pokemon. I have a +1800CP Snorlax named KESA GATAME. Get on my level.

But seriously with a chill in the air UMSU presents our first Winter Festival from 20 to 30 of July. With film screenings, food, clubs days and much more the Winter Festival is designed to both help introduce our mid-year entry students to the University and to welcome returning students back on campus. We are testing a few things out across this event but we hope you enjoy the week ahead!

Moving ahead our different departments have a great number of plans for the semester. Keep your eyes peeled for new editions of Farrago, Union House House Party and elections to name a few. We will also be providing some massive updates around the Student Precinct, how we spend your SSAF and safety on campus. All in all things are going to be very busy.

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Until next time, welcome back!

Tyson Holloway-Clarke
UMSU President

The response from Thursday’s Student Services carnival has been awesomesauce!!!! A lot of promising jaffies in sight. All the best to these amazing students and a big welcome from us in UMSU International!!!

Friday’s Food Adventure was a tasty success and Saturday’s Melbourne Adventure was a race to the pinnacle of fun. Tomorrow is our Lounge Party, so drop by the Intl Lounge to meet friends, play games and eat some.