Joining UMSU International
“Do you feel that your life as a tertiary student only constitutes assignments, tutorials and lectures? Do you want to expand your social network as well as the horizon in your Melbourne Experience? Are you interested in gaining some exposure in leadership roles and event/project management? If your answer is `yes’ for any of the questions above, UMSU International would like to invite you to join us today!

What is Co-option?
“Co-option is when our acting committee hold interviews to hand-pick the best and the brightest from a list of applicants. Co-option is generally extremely competitive so it’s recommended that one have experience relevant to the roll they are applying to.”

Requirements for running for Co-option:

All students of the University of Melbourne are eligible to run for co-option.

How do I sign up for Co-option?

Check out the relevant dates, locations, and roles here.


Application forms can be obtained in the UMSU INTL Office on the second floor of Union House, or downloaded here.

Please contact UMSU INTL Secretary, Yu Kong LOW, at for further information.

UPDATED: Notice of Extended Nomination

The following position(s) has been reopened for nominations:
. Secretary (1)

Extended Nomination Period:

Opening Date: 12pm, Tuesday 28 April 2015
Closing Date: 12pm, Thursday 30 April 2015

Nomination forms, copies of the Regulations and Electoral Regulations are available in the lnternational Student Lounge, (Second Floor, Union House).

More information can be found below under Notification of Election Extension.


UMSU International is holding its Annual General Election for UMSU International Committee 2015/2016.

UMSU International is the peak representative body of all international students in University of Melbourne. The current committee has been working hard for the welfare of international students and now it is your turn to take charge and be involved.

Nomination Period:

Ends on 5pm, Mon 27th April 2015

The nomination form is in International student lounge (2nd floor, Union House). Please submit the form with a copy of your student ID card. Australia or New Zealand Citizen or PR can run for certain positions.**


Policy Speech + Q&A Session:

The candidates will present a speech regarding their self and their policy. All international students are encouraged to attend this session and ask questions.

Date: Tue 5th May 2015

Time: 12-2pm

Venue: Singapore Theatre in the new Melbourne School of Design Building (MSD-B120)


Voting Session:

Vote because you can. All international students are eligible to vote.

To vote, please bring your student ID.

Date & Time: 12-5pm, Wed 6th May – Fri 8th May 2015

Venue: Union House (Members Lounge)

FBE Building (UMSU Info Desk)

Baillieu Library (Foyer)

Current available positions:

One (1) UMSU International President

One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Education and Welfare)

One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Cultural and Social)

One (1) UMSU International Secretary

One (1) UMSU International Treasurer

One (1) UMSU International Education and Welfare Director

One (1) UMSU International Cultural and Social Director

One (1) UMSU International Communications Director

One (1) UMSU International Human Resource Director

One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Director

Four (4) UMSU International Education and Welfare Officers

Five (5) UMSU International Activities Officers

Three (3) UMSU International Communications Officers

One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Officer

**Note: Australian PR or New Zealand PR can run for the following positions; Secretary, Treasurer, Director and Officer. Those with Australian Citizenship can only run for Director and officer positions.

For the role of each position, please find the UMSU International regulation located in UMSU International Student Lounge, 2nd floor of Union House.

For any inquiries, please contact Jia Hui Ong or Cindy Dessidia Gamal.


Important Documents:

Notification of Election Extension
Notification of AGE 2015
UMSU International Committee Duties and Powers
UMSU Intl AGE Regulations
Nomination Form 2015