Get a Room

Spaces Available For Students:

Affiliated Clubs and Societies can book Union House rooms for use during business hours. Please allow 48 hours for your room booking to be processed. Affiliated Clubs and Societies can book spaces up to three weeks’ ahead for a maximum of 3 sessions per week (9 hours a week). Each bookings has a maximum of 3 hours. Any bookings outside of this will be cancelled and a warning will be issued. Repeat offenders will have their permissions removed from the resource booker system and be required to request bookings by e-mail.

COVIDSafe bookings

UMSU managed venue booking requests must be lodged using Room bookings request form. Changes in times/venues/cancellations must be lodged by altering the existing booking or emailing quoting your booking reference number. No venue may be reassigned to any other department, club, association or individual without altering the booking request.


A booking has been approved only when a confirmation email has been received. COVIDSafe approved communications and SOP will be provided on confirmation based on the nature of the activity the venue has been booked for.


The requestor will be solely responsible for the supervision, control and behaviour of their group while using UMSU managed spaces. This includes the compliance of COVIDSafe practices assigned to the booking.

Conditions of Booking

Commitment to COVIDSafe practices and University protocols such as health declarations and QR code scanning upon entry of the venue are a condition of booking. Failure to agree to the COVIDSafe measures will deem the booking cancelled. The requestor shall use the booked venue in a safe and proper manner at all times and will immediately comply with any directions given by UMSU staff. The requestor is responsible for the setting up and the taking down of any equipment required to run the activity.


No poster or sign shall be placed in a position that obscures room QR codes or COVIDSafe venue information. UMSU staff reserve the right to remove any non-compliant signage.


UMSU reserves the right to cancel any booking consistent with current Victorian public health advice. Advance notice will be given where possible.

First Aid

Should any person require First Aid or become unwell and need isolating, contact the Info Centre. If the Info Centre is closed, call University Security on 8344 4666.

Food and drink

The serving and consumption of food and drink in indoor venues is discouraged. Attendees should be encouraged to bring their own food/drinks and consume outdoors when feasible.


At the completion of the booking session the requestor must ensure that all litter is picked up and placed in the correct receptacles. Wiping down of hard surfaces with room supplied sanitising wipes must be done at the end of the booking. Failure to leave the venue in an acceptable condition will incur additional costs for extra cleaning and/or cancellation of future bookings.

Failure to comply with any of the ‘Conditions of Use’ will result in the Cancellation of your booking.

If you’re coming to campus, make sure you carefully read the unimelb guidelines so you know your responsibilities to help us keep our campuses safe for everyone. Don’t come to campus if you are unwell.  Find out more about coming to campus on the unimelb coming to campus page. Make sure you complete the online health declaration before coming as we may need proof of completion to enter UMSU events and spaces.