Tyson Holloway-Clarke Appointed UMSU President

Students’ Council met earlier today and appointed Tyson Holloway-Clarke as UMSU’s President. Tyson is currently one of UMSU’s Indigenous Officers and held this position in 2015.

He stated: “With a new UMSU President we have the opportunity to refresh our outlook and start in earnest on a number of huge projects on the horizon. As the all the departments tick along with events and campaigns happening weekly, we look toward second semester as perhaps the most important in our Union’s history. The reality is that Union House will soon no longer be fit for purpose and we have the unique opportunity to shape our campus with the University. That being said, any downgrade in our facilities and amenities will be categorically unacceptable and securing a great set of new facilities is at the top of UMSU’s agenda. If you are interested in reading more about our upcoming projects or want to learn more about the Student Precinct (and the upcoming train station) check this blog regularly for updates!”

This appointment is temporary and the position of President will be subject to a by-election held concurrently with the annual election in September.

UMSU would like to congratulate Tyson on his appointment and we look forward to working with him over the coming months.

UMSU would also like to thank James Bashford and acknowledge the great job he has done as Acting President over the last month. James will continue in his substantive position as General Secretary.