UMSU Condemns Hate Speech

In response to a number of offensive slogans written in chalk on the Parkville campus today:

UMSU denounces hate speech and discrimination in the strongest terms. Muslim students are a vibrant and integral part of our University community and have a right to feel safe and welcome on our campus. Any attempt to vilify them, or anyone, is abhorrent and will be met with resistance by UMSU.

Those who vandalised our campus today should know that their hatred and vitriol will not be met with silence. We will always act to protect the rights, welfare and religious freedom of Muslim students and all students on campus. Diversity makes our community strong.

The response from the university community today has affirmed our collective commitment to respect and diversity. We thank the students who quickly washed away the graffiti, and also thank the University of Melbourne and the Vice Chancellor for their swift and strong response.