UMSU Stands For Marriage Equality

UMSU supports the right of every Australian to choose who they marry, regardless of their or their partner’s gender. We stand in support and solidarity with the queer community in this troubling political climate.

Recently, the Federal Government has authorised a postal survey asking Australians on the electoral roll for their opinion as to whether the law should be amended to allow marriage equality.

This is a policy that nobody wants, that asks a question nobody (except conservatives in the Government) believes should be answered by the public. It will deliver a result that will sway nobody and will have no legal authority to implement marriage equality in Australia.

Instead of simply allowing a free vote in the Parliament, the government has instead persisted with this strategy – a costly, unnecessary ballot with massive consequences for a vulnerable community.

UMSU condemns the divisive, hurtful and unnecessary marriage postal survey as an unrepresentative and damaging policy by a government who could legislate for marriage equality tomorrow, if it so wished. This survey will cause LGBTI Australians enormous pain, particularly young members of the LGBTI community,

Nonetheless, we urge all students to enrol to vote and to update their address. As students, we are the biggest demographic not currently enrolled and it’s vital that we’re able to have a say about this important issue. If you are not currently enrolled, or not sure if your details are correct, you have until 6pm on August 24 to get on the AEC website and fix them.

Next week, UMSU will be holding stalls to help students check their enrolment, change their addresses, and enrol. Look out for us roaming around Union House wearing rainbow shirts.

We also encourage students to attend the Equal Love rally to support marriage equality. You can find information about the event here.

Don’t delay, post it back today! 

Yan Zhuang
UMSU President

Blake Atmaja
UMSU Queer Officer

If you need additional support during this time, there are services available.

UoM Counselling and Psychological Support: 8344 6927

UoM Safer Community Program: 9035 8675

UMSU Student Advocacy Service: 8344 6546

QLIFE: 1800 184 527

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 638

Lifeline: 131 114